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如果你经历过突然, 在意外事故中失去心爱的人,而你认为事故是由另一个人的鲁莽或错误造成的, you may be entitled to take legal action against the responsible party. By filing a wrongful death claim against the negligent person, 公司, 或实体, 幸存的家庭成员可以获得赔偿,以帮助应付意外死亡后经常发生的意外费用和非经济损失.

在经历了如此悲惨的家庭损失之后, it is understandable that taking legal action may seem like an additional burden, 但是和一个 凤凰受伤律师 as soon as possible to explore your options for gaining restitution. bt365手机下载首页, 要明白,失去所爱的人是毁灭性的,并将与你密切合作,以确保你的最大利益得到保护. 然而,再多的钱也无法抹去过去, compensation can offset financial strain that may affect your future. 调用 us 对于一个 免费的咨询服务 at (602) 457-6222 or submit an online contact form.



I felt strongly about the unjust death of my mother... (马克·布雷耶) brought this case to a positive conclusion and this offered closure.

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What Rights Do Family Members Have When a Loved One Has Died 错误ly?

直系亲属有权 要求非正常死亡损害赔偿 against the person who caused their loved one's death. In Arizona, immediate family members include a spouse, parent, or 孩子. 如果受害者没有配偶, 孩子, 或者生存的父母, 遗产管理人可以将收益和受害者的资产一起提起非正常死亡诉讼.


当一个人去世的时候, it is likely that many lives will be affected by the loss and in some cases, 体验经济后果. 然而, not everyone is entitled to sue the at-fault party for damages. In Arizona, courts allow the following individuals to file a wrongful death claim:

  • 一个生存的配偶
  • 孩子们
  • 父母或监护人
  • Representatives of the deceased estates on a spouse, 孩子, or parent’s behalf

It is important to note that a lawyer should act on behalf of the survivors, 也被称为受益人, to ensure that the case is both uncomplicated and efficient, especially if there are several family members involved. 法院在决定谁可以在非正常死亡索赔中获得赔偿时,通常遵循上文所列的继承顺序, 但如果多个家庭成员试图提出索赔或要求索赔的某一部分,情况就会变得更加复杂. Working with an attorney may be necessary to ensure you are not cut out of a claim.

除了, a surviving spouse typically has to file on behalf of a surviving 孩子, 尤其是未成年人. Even if the 孩子 is an adult, the spouse would gain precedence.



三个人在外面拥抱 通过采取法律行动, it is possible for families to not only gain closure and a sense of justice, 还有对过去的经济补偿, 当前的, 和未来的费用. 非正常死亡和解包括赔偿家庭因亲人死亡而产生的许多其他费用. A wrongful death settlement in Arizona can include damages for:

  • 过去治疗的医疗费用
  • Loss of income and services if the victim had lived
  • 葬礼/葬礼费用
  • Loss of consortium, including companionship, love, and care
  • Pain and suffering, such as the emotional and mental anguish associated with grief
  • Punitive damages that are intended to punish the at-fault party

每种情况都是独特的, 陪审团将根据受害者死亡的情况决定赔偿金的数额, 受害者的收入和预期的未来收入, and the non-economic losses suffered by each eligible survivor.

除了经济和非经济损失, 惩罚性损害赔偿 may also be awarded in certain wrongful death cases. 惩罚性赔偿不限于死者家属所遭受的经济损失. 其目的是惩罚不法行为的责任方,并阻止其他人在未来采取类似行动. 例如, if a driver makes an error and unintentionally causes a fatal accident, 惩罚性损害赔偿 will probably not be included in the award. 然而, if the driver who causes a fatal accident is DUI at the time of the crash, a crime has been committed and 惩罚性损害赔偿 could potentially be awarded in court.



需要注意的是,像人身伤害索赔一样,非正常死亡索赔也有一个截止日期. 在bt365手机下载首页, 遗属必须在死亡后两年内提出非正常死亡索赔,以便有资格获得赔偿. 未采取法律行动 诉讼时效 can result in losing the right to assert a wrongful death claim. 而诉讼时效通常是严格的, 在某些特殊情况下,个人可以在特定期限过后提出索赔. 一位经验丰富、知识渊博的律师将能够评估你的案件,并确定你是否仍然有一个潜在的索赔.

如你仍在法定时效内,并符合上述其中一项条件,便可提出申索, 然后你就可以开始申请索赔了. First, you will need to have your case reviewed by a lawyer. We can properly assess if you have a valid case and, 如果我们选择你做我们的客户, launch an in-depth investigation into your loved one’s death.

在这段时间, 我们将收集疏忽的证据, 审查责任政策, and determine how much compensation you should receive from the at-fault party. 这可能包括查看你所爱的人的财务记录,以估计他们失去的工资,并在他们去世前与他们的医生交谈,评估他们的痛苦和痛苦.

Negligence and liability in a wrongful death claim are very similar to a personal injury claim. If an individual owed your loved one a duty of care while they were alive and, 通过疏忽行为, 他们违反了这一义务, 你有权代表他们提出索赔. 非正常死亡索赔是基于这样一种想法:如果死者幸存下来,他们就有资格提出索赔. 因此, 适用于人身伤害索赔的相同证据也可用于非正常死亡索赔.

一旦准备好了, 我们会联系有问题的一方, 本案的被告, to inform them of our intentions to file a claim for damages. 这将导致和解讨论,我们将与他们的律师谈判,以获得一个公平的报价. If they do not wish to settle or their offer is not enough, we can then move into a lawsuit.


结算和. 诉讼

在非正常死亡索赔中,最重要的问题之一是,是接受责任方的和解提议,还是将你的案件提交法院裁决. 在这个领域,从知识渊博的非正常死亡辩护律师那里得到可靠的法律顾问是很重要的.

你很可能会与过失方的律师或保险公司的代表打交道,他们把自己客户的最大利益放在心上. 几乎总是, 他们会试图让受害方接受一个低报价,以尽量减少公司必须支付的金额.

在bt365手机下载首页工作, 我们有足够的知识和经验来准确评估你方的全部损失,并代表你方娴熟地与对方谈判. 事实上,马克·布雷耶律师是 certified specialist in injury and wrongful death law in Arizona. 如果你收到和解协议, 我方可以告知贵方,这是否代表对贵方所遭受的损失给予充分、公平的赔偿.

如果一个公平的解决方案被提出, 接受通常是最好的选择, as it can save you the time spent on a lengthy trial and the expense of litigation. Also, when a case is brought to court, it is never guaranteed who will win or lose. 不过, 对于你所遭受的损失,你不应该接受低于公平水平的经济补偿, and we are ready to fight aggressively for your rights in court when necessary.

在许多情况下, 在你身边有一个法律团队,他们已经有了令人印象深刻的良好结果记录,可以使和解方案的所有差异. 如果对方知道你由人身伤害律师代表,他们会在法庭上做好充分准备,不会为你的权利和利益而让步, 可能会提出一项合理的和解方案. Our firm has a history of success, with 98% of our cases concluded successfully.


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富有同情心的凤凰城人身伤害法律团队的bt365手机下载首页理解一个悲伤的家庭的需要, and will work tirelessly to ensure that you gain the compensation you need and deserve. 马克和亚历克西斯·布雷耶有多年为因他人的疏忽行为或不当行为而遭受情感和经济损失的客户辩护的经验. Please contact us to learn more about your options for recovery. 你的第一次咨询总是免费的. 打电话给我们(602)457-6222.



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在一次 免费的咨询服务, 我们会看一下你案子的重要方面, 回答你的问题, 并清楚地解释你的合法权利和选择. All submissions are confidentially reviewed by 马克·布雷耶.



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