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Motorcycle Collision Overview

If you've been riding a motorcycle for any length of time, you've probably had a few close calls. 乘用车和拖拉机拖车的司机根本看不到骑自行车的人. How many times has another driver changed lanes without looking, forcing you to take evasive action? 有多少次其他司机在你面前左拐右拐? How many times have you heard the skidding of tires behind you when stopped at a light, and wondered, "Is this it?" while thinking you would be rear-ended?

Unfortunately, 现在骑摩托车似乎更危险了, 这很可能是由于分心驾驶. Too many drivers are looking at their phones instead of paying attention to the road, 他们把骑自行车的人置于严重的危险之中.

如果你骑摩托车时在事故中受伤, 你可能会要求赔偿你的伤害和损失. 为了得到你应得的和解, you will need the representation of a top Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney. bt365手机下载首页的法律团队, has been successfully representing Arizona injury victims for over 20 years. Let us put our decades of experience behind your claim by calling (602) 457-6222 for a free consultation.

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Motorcycles vs. Passenger Vehicles

凤凰城的居民不再只是骑摩托车上高速公路. 许多当地人将骑车作为日常通勤的一部分. Also, motorcycles are relatively inexpensive when compared to larger passenger vehicles. 然而,摩托车更容易受到 dangerous roadway conditions, are difficult to maneuver, and provide no protection to riders in the event of a collision.

Truthfully, motorcycles carry for more risk than other vehicles, such as cars. A motorcycle lacks an airbag, seatbelt, is less stable, and, of course, doesn’t provide an extra protective layer of metal around the driver and passengers. 摩托车手在事故中往往会受更重的伤, 而且这些伤口通常需要更长的时间才能愈合, meaning higher medical bills.

There is also a difference in the way people view motorcyclists than those who drive cars. Jurors often perceive motorcyclists as more dangerous and as risk-takers when in court. 你是否穿戴了所有的防护装备, 请好好保养你的摩托车, 并遵守所有的交通规则, 人们仍然对摩托车手抱有成见.

Loving a particular mode of transportation doesn’t make you any less of a victim when involved in an accident. You need an experienced attorney to make Jurors understand why they need to treat motorcyclists the same as car drivers.

你喜欢骑马,但你也很认真. 你努力成为一名优秀的司机,因为这关系到你的生命. Unfortunately, drivers of passenger vehicles don't have the same relationship with their cars. Most of them don't love to drive; they drive to get someplace, run some errands, or drop the kids off at school. And being a good driver isn't all that important to them: they've got seat belts, airbags, crumple zones, 还有一个巨大的钢壳围绕着它们. 摩托车骑手没有这些.

Dangerous driving behaviors that can lead to a motorcycle accident include:

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Motorcycle Accident Review
I was riding my motorcycle & a man backed out of a driveway & ran me over. 四个月后,我失去了我的腿. 马克·布雷耶改变了我的生活.

- E. S.

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Compensation for Damages

如果你因为疏忽而发生了摩托车事故, negligent, or reckless car driver, 你可以就下列任何损害要求赔偿:

A "wrongful death" is when a driver who is violating the law or behaving in a careless manner kills a motorcyclist.

Victims' families face significant emotional and financial burdens in the aftermath of a fatal motorcycle crash. These family members, who may include a spouse, children, siblings, parents, 或者其他经济上依赖受害者的人, 通常可以选择以非正常死亡索赔来抵消这些费用. A successful wrongful death claim can result in financial support for losses such as the medical bills incurred before the victim died, his or her funeral expenses, future income, and pain and suffering. 而刑事案件可以惩罚罪犯, it does not provide any type of monetary compensation for struggling families.

Given that motorcyclists are thirty times as likely as car drivers to be killed when involved in an accident, 理解非正常死亡索赔非常重要. Death is tragic and painful, but if you understand your rights some justice can be done.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can be held liable for injuries resulting from a Phoenix motorcycle crash?

If a car, truck, 或者其他摩托车把我撞出公路然后逃跑, 我可以提出人身伤害索赔吗?


If I don't have motorcycle insurance, can I still make a personal injury claim?


Whether you were in a lay down accident, rear-end crash, or any other type of collision, 这是你案子的关键时刻. Priority one is to seek medical care, especially if your injuries might be subtle or hard to detect. If you are able, you also want to collect important information from the scene. This can include anything from the other drivers' information to observations about time, place, road conditions, 以及任何可能在事故中起作用的障碍. In the days ahead, 要孜孜不倦地收集来自其他来源的文档, including police reports, medical records, 以及任何与保险公司的通信.

Who can be held liable for injuries resulting from a Phoenix motorcycle crash?

Anyone operating a vehicle that was involved in the accident could possibly be held liable. In addition, insurance companies, pedestrians, or public entities responsible for maintaining roadways could also possibly be held liable.

If a car, truck, 或者其他摩托车把我的自行车开到路边然后逃跑, 我可以提出人身伤害索赔吗?

是的,这将被认为是 hit-and-run accident. In such cases, you have to file a claim through your motorcycle insurance company in order to receive compensation for medical care and related expenses. You may even file a motorcycle accident claim if a family member has the right coverage, 或者你的汽车保险公司.


Well, it depends. In motorcycle accident cases that are straightforward and where liability is not contested, you may not need an expert. 然而,在更复杂的情况下,比如那些可能涉及 manufacturing defect, you may require a forensic investigator to evaluate the evidence and provide expert testimony if your case goes to trial.

If I don't have motorcycle insurance, can I still make a personal injury claim?

Yes. 即使你没有保险, that doesn't mean you lose your right to hold a negligent party accountable for injuries you suffered.

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如果你在一次摩托车事故中受伤或失去了心爱的人, 你将需要一位有经验的代表 Phoenix injury lawyer. 这就是bt365手机下载首页可以提供帮助的地方.

Our goal is to provide compassionate legal representation to families who are facing these formidable challenges. 我们将继续支持你们,通过可能是一个复杂的过程, 每一步都要为自己的权利而奋斗, 并努力工作以确保你得到公平的补偿. We want you to walk away properly compensated for your significant losses and medical coverage. Please contact us at (602) 457-6222 for a free and comprehensive case evaluation.

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