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Buses are generally considered to be one of the safest forms of transportation, 多亏了环保运动, bt365手机下载首页的公共交通正在发展. Unfortunately, 尽管许多人认为公共汽车非常安全, accidents can still happen. And when they do, 要确定发生了什么并不总是件容易的事, who’s at fault, or how long you have to file a claim.

Going into a bus accident claim alone may be one of the biggest mistakes you make in your life. Putting together an investigation, finding evidence, 要求赔偿并不容易, 尤其是当你正试图从严重的伤病中恢复的时候. However, we at The Husband and Wife Law Team, have the experience you need to recover money for the damages that you have suffered. Call us at (602) 457-6222 to speak with a member of our team and set up your free consultation.

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What Are Some Causes of Bus Accidents?

Buses are a must for public transportation in nearly every major city in the United States. These massive vehicles are made to transport dozens of people at once and need to be able to make non-stop trips throughout the day. 然而,这种频繁的使用可能会导致严重的事故. While there are many different reasons a bus might get into an accident while on the road, 在很多情况下,有一些原因是常见的. 巴士事故最常见的原因是:

公共汽车事故的可悲事实是, no matter what their cause, 后果肯定是毁灭性的. Buses weigh tens of thousands of pounds and can easily crush other cars and pedestrians under their wheels. That is why, 当公共汽车发生碰撞时, 由此造成的伤害可能是灾难性的, if not fatal.

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What Are Some Common Injuries?

因为公共汽车比路上的其他车辆更大更重, they can cause much more damage, 对其他车辆和车辆内及周围的人. There are many different types of injuries that could possibly be sustained during a bus accident, and most of them are devastating. Some of the most common include:

While you might think that insurance is going to protect you and provide you compensation for any and all injuries listed above (and possibly more), 你需要联系一位专业的人身伤害律师. They may be able to help you get compensation above and beyond what the insurance company is offering. 你应该永远记住,保险公司是企业. 这意味着他们几乎总是把自己的利益置于你的需求之上. 永远不要认为保险公司会站在你这边. However, 在一位经验丰富的律师的帮助下, 你可以通过深入调查来追究责任方的责任.

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如果你在bt365手机下载首页的车祸中受伤, you’re going to want to do everything you can to make sure the person or people responsible are held accountable for it. Here in Phoenix, bt365手机下载首页可以提供帮助, 但首先要了解bt365手机下载首页不同类型的公交车, and who’s responsible for them.

  • Public/city transit buses. City buses typically stay inside the city and are used by those who do not have their own vehicle, 或者只是不想用自己的车. 找到这些车辆的责任人有时很棘手, 但通常情况下,要么是被城市雇佣的公交公司, or the city itself, 如果巴士对事故造成的损害负有部分责任.
  • Private/charter buses. 这些公共汽车可以和城市公共汽车一样大,但它们不是供公众使用的. Chartered buses are typically hired by a group of people to provide transportation to a specific place or area, for a specified period of time. This can include sporting events, corporate outings, or other occasions in which it doesn’t make sense to have multiple people drive. These buses are entirely private and so either the charter company will be responsible, 和/或司机可以对任何公共汽车事故负责.
  • Tour buses. Tour buses are similar to private or charter buses but they are primarily used to take a group of people to several different locations, or a location that is quite far away. Also unlike private or charter buses, these tours are arranged by the bus company. These cases can be tricky because, 如果使用巴士的人直接租用旅游巴士公司, 公司和/或公交车司机可能有问题. If however, 这辆巴士是通过一名中介代表该集团租用的, 如果发生事故,该中介也可能承担责任.
  • School buses. When an accident involving a school bus 发生这种情况时,通常是学校董事会或学区对此负责. However, 如果学校董事会雇佣私人公司来处理运输, that private bus company can also be held liable in addition to the school board.
  • 15-passenger vans. These vans are designed to take a group that’s too large for one small vehicle, but not enough to fill a large bus, from one destination to another. 这些货车通常是从租赁公司租来的. If the van gets into an accident, 根据车辆的大小,很有可能被认为是一场公共汽车事故. The rental company and/or the driver of the van at the time can be held liable in these situations.

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What About Pedestrians?

不是每个在公共汽车事故中受伤的人都是 passenger. Sadly, many victims of bus collisions are pedestrians who were struck while crossing the street. 这类事故是毁灭性的, as pedestrians have no protection from a vehicle that weighs tens of thousands of pounds. When pedestrians are hit by buses, it can result in devastating injuries or death. If your loved one was killed by a bus, then it would probably be a case of wrongful death. You can file a wrongful death claim in order to receive compensation and hold the at-fault party liable. While this may not bring your loved one back, it will allow you to recover financially.

A vast majority of the time, when a pedestrian is hit by a bus, 这是由于公共汽车司机的疏忽. The driver may have been distracted by his phone, 在驾驶时疲劳和睡眠, or even inebriated. 公共汽车司机必须意识到他们承担的巨大责任, considering how large, heavy, and dangerous buses can be. Sadly, many drivers don’t take this responsibility seriously, and the result is always devastating. This is why it is so important for victims of negligent bus drivers to have the chance to recover compensation for their injuries.

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How Can You Recover Damages?

在卷入一场严重的公共汽车事故后, the next step you should take is to determine how much compensation you are owed for your damages. 如果你申请索赔时没有考虑金额, then it’s easy for the at-fault party and their insurance to convince you to take a lower amount in compensation than you actually deserve. Calculating your damages isn’t just important for budgeting, but also for negotiations.

The first step to determining your settlement amount is to look over your economic damages. These include financial costs, such as medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. 计算你对这些损害的赔偿金额, you can gather up bills, receipts, 以及与事故有关的工资单,把总数加起来. After figuring out your economic damages, you can move on to non-economic damages. This category includes all losses you suffered that are not directly financial. You can claim compensation for emotional trauma, pain and suffering, and lowered quality of life. Compensation for these can be harder to calculate, as they do not come with receipts. The best you can do is speak with an attorney who can evaluate your case and determine how much you should, and will be, 因为你的非经济损失而得到奖励.

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Bus accidents are not like car accidents. They are far more traumatic, and the damages resulting from them are far more severe. With a bus’s sheer size and weight, 不管你在碰撞过程中乘坐的是什么车, chances are high you will lose, 而且比巴士司机受伤更严重. On top of that, it can be difficult for a person to know where to go to get the compensation they deserve. 这意味着恢复损害可能是一个非常困难的过程.

如果你卷入了一场严重的公共汽车事故, 你是不是公交车上的乘客, another driver, or a pedestrian crossing the road, 毫不犹豫的打电话给bt365手机下载首页. We are the Phoenix personal injury attorneys 他们有处理汽车和公共汽车事故的经验. Don’t try to go it alone. 今天打电话(602)457-6222免费咨询.

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